04 February, 2011

My Office Chair Cushions...

The Print & Colour soft decor unites! A fun & stylish
cohesion of print & colour that is simple & effective function.
S is for Super Sarah!

M is for Marvelous  Matthew
So I have finished up our personalised [home] office chair cushions - with our initials 'S' for Sarah and 'M' for Matthew... We needed these cushions since our 'office' chairs are not the typical ergonomic style - more a 'comfy' meeting classic tub chair. But I love them and their self jacquard geo design upholstered in French Navy, so they had to stay I just had to come up with a design solution to make them comfy & functional, and stylish to tie back with the overall office colour & decor scheme.
So in keeping with my last 'afternoon' office project - of covering a boring pin board and making a few 'floor' scatter cushions - here I have used the vibrant Hot Candy Pink stripe fabric on the front of the cushion with a plain white backing - and appliqued onto the front of the cushion [strip side] is our first name initial in a 'collegic' style font in a Blue Black woven sateen, I traced from our wooden letters on our shelves.
I also used a thin layer of wadding I had left over from the Christmas stockings that I used as a stabiliser when satin stitching around the letters to sew them on. I do need a couple of new feather inserts for them -  but have made do with a few inserts from the 'spare' room at home & will have to 'make do' for the time being.

The official 'office' poochies - Zach, the Cavoodle &
Lucy the Cavalier King Charles - also like to 'test'
out the floor cushions and our office chairs
from time to time!
 So what do you think?
I love them and think they give an instant lift to what could be quite plain office chairs, plus they provide much needed back support - and tie the print & colour scheme of the soft/ decor for the office in together quite nicely!

These cushions are doing the right job.
Isabelle - the official product tester for Verandah's floor
scatter/ cushions for our home office!

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