18 February, 2011

Happy Friday... the Weekend is Here x

I'm in love with all the gorgeous colour & print from
 this recent Hermes advertisement, and
of course just in love with anything Hermes!.

Happy Friday.... And so the weekend begins!
A BIG Thank You for joining me at Palatial Living this week and putting up with my bias towards my little baby girl Isabelle with posting her pics up for the Bonds Baby Search 2011! I will however be asking of you to please please please vote for us when the official polls open on 28 February [Monday week after next]!

Not only one of my favourite Fauves, figurative & modernist
 artist - Henri Matisse, especially his collage and blue series
his words also hark creative simplicity in their truth.
I'd like this to be one of my mantras....it is so true.
I have received an exciting email late yesterday afternoon and need to finish a design brief project for the request by Wednesday afternoon. So you can guess what I will be up to over the weekend...going through my bower bird collection of samples, fabrics, [trying] to draw up some ideas and put them into a cohesive manner! I need a combination of a magi wand with CS5 Illustrator & the massive interactive screen from the movie 'Minority Report' - to just put it all together! Hey not a big ask [we all have crazy invention ideas]...I'll try the traditional path of drawn floor plans, and moods boards with tactile samples.... hopefully the ideas & design will be interpreted well enough from that!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend planned ahead... something Palatially relaxing!
Thanks again & Enjoy,

images via tumblr - modern hepburn & a lady's findings

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