25 February, 2011

Happy Friday...Whoa Whooo Weekend!

Wow, I can't believe Friday is finally here!
How has your week been? I have missed you all...
This week although in hindsight has gone quite quickly I can tell you it has felt like one of my longest... I was seriously fatigued come late Wednesday night, not sure how I got home really.
Late last week I received an email letting me know that I had 'made it' further into a design competition I had entered. So with that excitement also came an impromptu design brief and me being me wanted to try and pull out as many stops as I could so I came away feeling simply proud of the work I had created and accomplished. How did I do?? Well apparently there were a couple thousand entries for my state [New South Wales] alone and from that I was one of 55 who made it to the 2nd round [group interviews, then proceeded to an individual interview and present your design concept. And with that I am super happy...
Let me say that just in my group alone there were some phenomenal designers, concepts, and personalities! All of whom, by the time I left in the evening, I was lucky enough to have spoken with each one and find out a little more about...so very interesting! And some who might even be reading this post now! [Lovely to have met you!]. 
It was certainly an awesome [life] experience to be a part of... I think the final verdict is  out in several weeks time, by no means am I holding my breath, but certainly grateful for the super 'bucket list' opportunity!
I love this... not a bad little poster to keep you going.
Now to get my home, the washing, the family including poochies, and myself into some normalcy this week - before another onslaught of work begins next week!
Hope you have great weekend - sorry for the very minimal postings this week but will be back with you more often next week!
Hope you have Fun & a Palatial Weekend! Enjoy,

images via tumblr, a little of that

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