21 December, 2010

The 'Bespoke' Verity Stockings...

The stocking I made & embellished for Isabelle should take her from
 being a Baby, to a little girl, & to a big girl. Hopefully it's something
she can treasure and use always.

I have had a number of friends ask me 'When are you posting pics of your stockings!'... Well here they are!
This year I decided to make our own Christmas Stockings for each of us - especially now that we are a family of three! Each one I have personalised & adorned with rosettes, buttons - from my mass of button collecting, some hessian, different ribbons that I have collected and names by free-machine embroidery. I have nearly finalised the embleshiment for Isabelle's Santa Sack - so stay tuned... I promise to post pics!

My stocking - embellished with French raw silk in 'oyster', with
small bird shell buttons & silver, mother of pearl buttons from
my button collection teamed withstriped grosgrain ribbon
& cherry red Bullion fringing; heeled by a little hessian with a
red satin rosette.

I was conscious to keep my husband, Matthew's, stocking somewhat
 masculine in the scheme of embellishment. The use of Wedgwood ticking
 stripe with reds, taupes and creams helps this, as does using a contrasting plain
gingham ribbon with  'plainer' buttons in the shape of a Christmas tree.
Using a plain taupe coloured small rosette as the 'star' was one way of getting
around itlooking potentially too feminine. Adding the hessian
[burlap] for the toe & heel helps it also to look like a 'boy's' sock!

Our Wall Mantle! One day we'll have the jetmaster fire & mantle
 I have always wished for [& designed]!

At the time -[Saturday when I took these pics] -
 it was 8 days to go!

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