20 July, 2010

Home Office Inspiration...

As you know I have been working on a home office decorating project - at my own at home! With both my husband & I working from home at various times, the previous home office furniture & layout did not cater for two people potentially working from home at the same time! It was getting cramped, we couldn't find things and filing was really backing up [urghhhh!], not to mention that it really wasn't very inspirational for either of us!
Here I have found some images that inspired me whilst I finish setting up and filing - it's clean but still soft & 'home-orientated' that could suit us... I particularly like the 'reused look' here too that is still contemporary which is very important for my home. Although I don't have the floorboards here [carpet instead] these painted boards are really appealing especially if there were more than 2 of you and are much easier to keep clean...maybe in the next home office - the stand alone back-yard cabin I have my eye on next time round!
[image above] My 'dream' next home office cabin, see Back Yard Cabins

Images via BHG & Back Yard Cabins


  1. These images are gorgeous. Please let me know if you find a way to file efficiently without using an ugly filing cabinet. Mine sits in the garage at home (not very convenient) but I simply don't want to look at in my office.

    I too am dreaming of an office makeover lately - I need white, white and more white. The image of the office is very inspirational! Have a good week. Michelle

  2. Yes I need to sort out a nook for my laptop and papers! These images are lovely.

  3. Sarah..thank you....exactly the kind of inspiration I needed..I am in the middle of doing something? anything to my working space at the moment...to turn it into a more enjoyable working area..filled with inspiration. Im loving the idea of my very own cabin out the back...perfect..might need to save that idea for the one day house :) x



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