02 July, 2010

Happy Friday...Get Comfy & Cosy for the Weekend!

It's not my usual Friday Flowers... but there's foliage here in the bedlinen and the embroidered coral frond [on the Jim Thompson silk cushion, I love this Thai based fabric & design house] looks like a beautiful sea flower, but I'd have to say that a great weekend always has an element of good sleep, nap or snooze,  and so I had to share this pic with you that I took the other night this week of my baby, little girl Isabelle with our lovable & devoted Cavoodle - Zach, snoozing on our bed! Somehow both of them were accidentally already colour coordinated [in the pic] with our bedlinen - I suppose I have a subconscious love for this aqua-Tiffany blue & soft latte neutrals!
We're catching up with family & friends over the weekend. And my husband & I having our first 'date night' without baby Isabelle on Saturday evening - ahhh dinner alone together! We'll also be rustling through the garden, garage & house for an area/ council clean up - a great excuse to get rid of stuff [at least non-ebay-able stuff anyway!] My wish list - I'd really like to get a chance to 'flick' through my new interior mags that have just arrived - although they seem to keep piling up just with post-it's for 'priority reading only' when Isabelle is asleep!! 
Hope you have a lovely weekend & Thank You for getting 'Palatial' with me at Palatial Living this week - take care, S xxx

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  1. Both of your babies are gorgous!
    Have a lovely weekend Sarah.



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