29 July, 2010

Something About Typeface...

[1] Australian Home Beautiful August 2010
[2] Australian Country Style July 2010

[3] Wood Block Printing Letters, Rust - Avalon

I am in love with typeface 'letters', I know they have been on trend for a little while now but nothing says 'personal' when you add your own initial or a monogram to something that's yours - be it a living or office space, a bed head, to a book or a pillow/ quilt set! And these images from recent interior mags now proves to me that I need an 'S' for my design area, and maybe a 'V' too.
I particularly love our zinc green number '9' that my best girlfriend bought us from [fave store]  Rust in Avalon, as a special wedding anniversary present for our first home. The other day I bought my daughter Isabelle a capital 'I' from a children's store, I think it's getting a lick of 'Raspberry paint and being hung with a Pisatchio grograin ribbon above her cot....now for mine, I think an 'S' and a 'V' for Verandah too!

For more wooden letters & numbers be sure to check out madeit.com.au & etsy.com  

Images viz [1] Australian Home Beautiful August 2010 & [2] Australian Country Style July 2010, and Rust -  Avalon 


  1. I love wooden letters too Sarah. I have a G and J in our lounge and even my cat Minky has an M on the laundry door (his bedroom) painted in the same blue as the kitchen.
    Your plans for Isabelle's initial sound gorgeous!
    Take care,

  2. I have a thing for Typography too, it's something about seeing the written word



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