07 July, 2010

Fabulous Bus Roll... Congratulations to My Sweet Prints Friend!

A quick mention - well more like a Congratulations to my talented ['online'] friend, Janette who is the whiz owner & graphic designer [as well as Mum of 1] of My Sweet Prints [see also her etsy.com store] for another great blog post on her work  from 'The Daily Buzz' - I love this one the - Bedtime Bus Roll - in the tradition of the original tram & bus rolls and popularity of 'Print Dolls' bus rolls [I love there 'grown up' destination rolls] here's a fabulous children's version that will really get your little ones or ones you might know on that "7 'oclock Bus"!! Take a look at Janette's work - there's something for a little one you know... I have [so far] bought 2 custom pieces from My Sweet Prints for  my daughter Isabelle and just really love them in her room! 

Image via My Sweet Prints - Etsy.com

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  1. Thank you Sarah! I was very excited to see the Daily Buzz mention, and thank you for your lovely words! Sending you and little Isabella a hug from me and Will.



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