13 January, 2015

Get Organised!

It's New Year & It's Time to Get Organised!
Back to School, Back to Work.... New rosters, New calendars, New times, and New routines!Sound like your place? It's certainly mine and keeping on top of it can be tricky if you let it get away from you.
So whilst the New Year is till upon us why not take advantage of the time and get de-cluttered, and super organised with some of these helpful decorating tips centred in and around maximising your organistaion for what's ahead this year!
Some of these projects can be done in an evening or across a weekend. 
So put on your 'tidy' hat and get cracking! S x
Make the Space Work for You! Whether you have an excess of square footage or are cramped into a too-small space, there are inventive ways to squeeze out useful organization from your home. In a centrally located spot such as a kitchen, a small stretch of wall offers a precious few inches for a family organization spot. Give each person their own slot, or include a message board with important reminders.
Find a version 'here' at Pottery Barn
Increase Visibility; Staying organized depends on knowing what you have and where it is; that way, you won’t purchase duplicates or waste time searching for what you need. Putting items on display, such as the narrower shelves filled with shoes, is a great organizational technique to help achieve this goal.
Maximise Accessibility - Maximise the Closet Space 
Helping your family stay organized depends on kids and parents being able to use whatever system you have in place. For kids especially, that means ensuring access to all the daily-use items that they can be in charge of, such as clothes and toys. Revamping closets with multi-height rods and storing seasonal clothes within their reach is a great organizational technique. Clothes they’ll grow into or use in different weather can be stashed in up-high, out-of-reach spaces.
Make It Pretty: It’s so much easier to maintain an organization system if it’s one that you love to look at. Invest in pretty containers , jars, clips and hangers; choose a color scheme; and spend time thinking how your organization can and should be part of your decor.
Organize by Person or Function: Bins, baskets, hooks, and containers all lend themselves to a simple but underused organization technique: labeling. Handwritten or computer-generated, labels can quickly help you and your family sort, store, and find what you need. Try labels in an entryway, on shelves, and in the kitchen.
Mix Storage Types. Organization options are much more limited if you have just one type of storage - all drawers or open shelves, for example. The most clean-looking, hardworking spaces have a little bit of everything: baskets and bins to hide less visually pleasing elements, open shelves for easy access, and higher-up storage for things that aren’t used as frequently.
subtext - images via bhg, pinterest, houzz

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