09 January, 2015

5 Closets That Aren't Closets Anymore

These DIYers found extra living space in their home's smallest spots. This article originally appeared on GoodHousekeeping.com
It's unlikely that you lament about having too much closet space in your home, but have you ever considered what you might gain from repurposing one altogether? We know, scandalous. But for these smart bloggers, transforming a closet was the key to a more organized, productive and beautiful home.
Is one of these creative rooms hiding in your house right now? Just imagine it..
If you can't dedicate a full room to a workspace, follow Christina's lead at #No. 29 Design. Floating shelves, chalkboard paint, and sconces turned her standard closet into a super-functional office.
Tanya at Dans Le Lakehouse didn't want to lose all of her closet's storage space, but craved a way to create a more spacious, friendly office. Now, her colorful filing cabinet and boxes look charming next to a quaint bench where she can consult paperwork, flip through a book, and stow extra supplies under the seat..
Before they're old enough to fill closets with clothes and shoes, kids will love sneaking into a DIY nook for reading and playing, like this one from Balancing Home.
Shoes, coats, and bags have a way of piling up in an entryway, never quite making it to the closet. If that's the case in your home, consider what Anu did at Nalle's House: Ditching the closet door and hanging hooks, baskets, and a bench instead.
If your sewing and crafting projects commandeer the dining room table, move everything to a closet, like Kim at Oh, Sweet Joy did. Worried about losing the storage space? Consider how this strategy might control your DIY clutter better than before.
Happy New Year!
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article & images via HouseBeautiful.com

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