12 February, 2010

Love is in the Air... Happy Weekend!

Happy Friday! 'Love is in the Air'... A huge title song hit for singer/ artist John Paul Young & one of the songs on the sound track to a fabulous Australian movie 'Strictly Ballroom'... I can' help but break into tune when I hear those 5 words strung together!!
With Valentine's Day on Sunday 14th, where-ever & with whom-ever you might be sharing it with Wishing you a Wonderful weekend & a very Sweet Sunday! My adorable puppies Zach & Lucy will be sure to give my husband & I Sunday morning cuddles & tail wagging!...Have Fun, S xoxo

Image from
Martha Stewart

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  1. We walked out of the church on our wedding day to 'Love is in the Air' it was a very fun song and brings back fond memories! Have a lovely weekend and Valentine's day Sarah.
    Janette x



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