15 February, 2010

2010 Year of the Tiger... Happy Chinese New Year! Gung hay fat choy !!

[Images 1 & 2] From Betsey Johnson Studio

[image 3] From Stillwater Art Studio

To all my friends & colleagues who celebrate Chinese New Year... Wishing you a very Happy New Year, for Sunday 14th February! Gung hay fat choy !!
The Year of the [Metal] Tiger from 14 February 2010 - 2 February 2011. The Chinese zodiac follows a twelve year cycle, each of the years being named after an animal. The Chinese believe that people born in a particular year take on the characteristics of the animal associated with that year.
Tigers are generally - Sensitive, emotional and adventurous. Confident, risk takers and dislike taking orders. Good at seeing problems, but less able to see the solutions. Often seek a shoulder to cry on when feeling down. Warm and generous to the people they love. When opportunity knocks, Metal Tigers open the door. With characteristic Olympian zeal, they seize every chance to better themselves, with a competitive streak that lets nothing or no one get in their way. As aggressive as they are, though, they never trample upon the feelings of others. Always considerate, they are admired and well-liked for their sense of justice and forgiving spirit. They never waste energy holding grudges. Metal Tigers always have the unwavering support of their friends, colleagues, and family. Their industrious work habits usually lead them down a velvety smooth career path and Metal Tigers almost always know the beauty of having achieved great financial success. Because Metal Tigers have so much fire within themselves, they can also warm the hearts of loved ones, which they do with tender passion and compassion.
Hmmm - lots to think about, especially since my baby [due in May] might just have some, or all, of these tendencies since he or she falls under this Chinese Zodiac!

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