23 February, 2010

Fabulous Vintage House Beautiful...

[image 1] House Beautiful cover, January 1969
[image 2] House Beautiful cover, November 1965
[image 3] House Beautiful cover - May 1951

[image 4] Living Room, February 1950
[image 5] Today's' Colours, January 1940

[image 6] Bedroom fabric - February 1938

You know I will use almost any excuse to use something with a 'Blue & White' decor item, or space... Here - I recently came across these gorgeous vintage House Beautiful [images] magazine covers and interior spreads on specifically - Blue & White - decorated rooms. [For me] It's always pleasing & amazing to see how simple, good taste, combined with careful consideration when using the correct foundations of design can stand the test of time... here are some fantastic examples, where I'm sure you'd agree....

Images from House Beautiful U.S magazine.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Sarah, they are fabulous! I worked on H&G a few years ago and in the lead up to the 60th birthday we got out these big green books which each contained a year of H&G issues. It was amazing seeing the rooms and decor, some of which could have been decorated yesterday, others which were so cringe-worthy we would laugh. Thanks for sharing these. Janette x



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