11 February, 2010

All About Red.. Outdoor Valentine's Day Decor Colour Inspriation.

[image 1] no need to paint - add red into your outdoor palette with accessories or furniture - as shown here.
[image 2] A small side gate / fence is painted a raspberry red that accents the blue charcoal colour of the main house.
[image 3] A garden path leading to a welcoming red gate
Taking my colour inspiration from upcoming St. Valentine's Day [Sun 14 Feb] - Red - in all shades, I find is not used enough, or if it is used sometimes then from experience have found it's not used appropriately, and therefore [poor old 'Red'] is sometimes subject to being tossed away - discarded and deemed as a 'too hard colour' to work with or live with... Here in this post, and following posts I found some great images to share with you on how easy it is to bring some 'passion' red into your colour life whether you're a classicist or a contemporary at heart.
There's isn't a reason why you can't add an unexpected 'pop' of colour in your outdoor [garden] areas - it's all about placement - be it through your accessories, furniture, & painted walls or gates there are so many avenues. Here are some great ways to incorporate 'red' or a similar high chroma/ value colour [such as orange or bold canary yellows - teamed back with a neutral or darker colour palette] into your exterior styling & decorating! The main point it to have fun - and remember it can always be changed when you're ready for something new! Enjoy x
Images from My Home Ideas

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