08 February, 2010

Two Ways With Blue & White - Entry Ways...

[image 1] Fresh, Casual & Relaxed
[image 2] Formal Contemporary Elegance

After looking through 'House Beautiful' the other day I came across these wonderful 'Blue & White' foyers- entry ways with each their very own feeling and message to the people the as walk through the front door of these homes...
[Top image] A Relaxed, Fresh & Casual approach is created with light aqua blue wales paired with white & light raw timber finishes, and painted limed floorboards with simple decor such as the chair, planter & picture frame - accessories with a pair of boots at the bottom of the stairs and jacket hanging over the staircase rail. [Bottom image] Some of my clients have seen this one before - I think it's a great image to show how to create a 'Formal Contemporary Elegance' that is easy to refresh with updated colour using new accessories, or fresh flowers. The two oversize ginger jars [a favourite of mine] placed under the console combined with the blue & white porcelain vase creates a formal balanced 'triangle' - forcing the eye to focus towards the centre of the console. This focus & formal symmetry is further enforced by balancing the two console lamps with their traditional pleated shades and rectangular mirror as a backing canvas - keeping it light & airy despite the use of dark timber and flooring.
Either way there's a look and so many design elements here that would appeal to your entry way, if it's not blue & white, then why not try green & white, black & white, canary yellow & grey/ white or other high chroma colours such as magenta & orange? Have fun with it... updating is easy when you have the right foundations.
Images from House Beautiful

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