04 February, 2010

Product Launch - 'Bholu' Wallpaper Collection... through Porter's

'Bholu' Wallpaper Collection
'Bholu' Wallpaper Collection

Bird Cot / Bedlinen
Frederick the Elephant Cot / Bedlinen

Frederick the Elephant

Mavis the Monkey

Quinton The Giraffe

Marjorie the Duck

Floor Art for Children - Characters on Area Floor Rugs, through
Designer Rugs

Thanks to my 'Decorator's Catalogue' monthly e-newsletter - love the girls over at D.C - they do an amzing job adrervtising Australian designers, consultants, suppliers & retailers, if you're not subscibed to it get onto this link and sign up! So NEWS is - there's new products being launched at Porter's Paints - the 'Bholu' Wallpaper Collection! In particular, is a fabulous-fun kids range that compliment their exisitng cot / bed linen designs. With their whmiscal animated and stylised drawing style these designs are sure to be a hit with the mini-stylista in your home!

[From the Decorator's Catalogue Feb 2010 e-newsletter]
"...Porters Launches Bholu Wallpaper Collection Designer, Jodie Fried of Bholu has collaborated with Porter’s Paints to create a vibrant new range of wallpaper designs. The Bholu collection will join Catherine Martin and Bowie in the wallpapers’ design seriesDesigners for Porter’s Paints. The Bholu Collection of wallpapers is inspired by the drawings of children in underprivileged communities in India. The range embraces the textural qualities of the traditionally, hand embroidered textiles which Bholu is known for. Bholu designs have been beautifully captured in a children’s range, the Menagerie Collection. The design include Mavis the Monkey, Frederick the Elephant and Marjorie the Duck and are available in both beautiful neutral linen tones and the classic vibrant Bholu colours of orange, red and olive. The more sophisticated, linear designs of Ziddi bring a beautiful, organic depth to the range and Nimboo is well suited to commercial spaces. The wallpapers will be available after February 17....".
Check out Porter's Paints when these gorgeous wall coverings hit their store... Enjoy x
Images from Decorator's Catalogue.

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