01 February, 2010

Living Stones...and other surprising pieces.

[Above]Stephanie Marin's - Samrin Design - 'Living Stones'& 'MobileSahdows'
[Above] Living Stones - surprisingly soft, light, warm & comfortable!
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[Above] Living Stones - Outdoor 1

[Above] Living Stones - Outdoor 2
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[Above] 'Living Stones' with 'Living Islands'

[Above] Coloured 'Living Stones'
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[Above] Lit'RainDrops '& 'MobileShadows'

[Above] 'RainDrops' & 'MobileShadows'
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[Above] 'RainDrops'

[Above] 'MobileShadows'
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I've lucky enough to be trailing through some new WGSN reports, for Interiors 2010/11 forecasts, and came across these amazing 'stone cushions' from talented French designer, Stephanie Marin, her design company 'Smarin Design' Living Stones. I love the oxymoron that these words 'Living Stones' and what this product presents - not only does it look like a stone - but your senses are then wonderfully tricked - you also think it must be hard, cold, heavy and uncomfortable - but as a visual illusion and visual textural created - [with the materials employed] they are in fact incredibly soft, warm handle, light weight and super comfortable! Surprise! These cushions designed by Stéphanie Marin of Smarin Design, have a primitive and yet very modern feel. The unexpected use of material and subject matter creates a unique functional, yet reassuringly warm product.
Smarin's other [products] pieces are no less surprising or illusion-ary [challenging] - with their 'Rain Drops' seating that also appear as beautiful sculptural pieces, and their 'MobileShadow' lighting that seems to drift through the air above despite it's size and occupation of the space around and above you...
What superbly wonderful pieces for installation in commerical spaces - hotel foyers, poolside retreats & spas, contemporary restaurants, and residential gallery inspired living spaces. Not to mention many more - I suppose you could say placement of these pieces - your imagination is your limitation! Enjoy.

Fro more info on Samrin Design visit this Link. Images from Living Stones .

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