29 January, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Yay It's Friday... gosh you would think I had worked this week - but working this 3 day thing this week with our national holiday falling on Tuesday and also having Monday off - I could really get used to this!!
So there's nothing like a gorgeous pool with a view...It's forecasted to be another warm but pleasant one this weekend [here in Sydney] reaching about 27 degrees. I would like to be dangling my feet in the water but it would seem that we have a number of 'house' jobs to do with a bit of a working bee tomorrow that covers inside & outside - from relaying garden lighting, to replacing garage sensor lights [so I don't trip down the stairs!], to hanging hooks up for tools & finally hanging my [birthday] mirror in our family room, oh and painting the nursery! Yep there's a few things to do...

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Happy Weekend! Enjoy S x

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  1. Hi Sarah!
    Just saw your comment on real living's blog about anita kaushal's books. LOVE HER but I have an awful feeling you've doubled up and ordered the same book. I'm pretty sure her HOME book was published under two different (similar) titles and covers in US and UK. Maybe you could check with the place you ordered it? of course i could be totally wrong, but for memory those two titles you mentioned in your comment are the same book. There is a more recent one out from her called TRAVEL in the FamilyLifeStyle series but as far as I know, that's it for now. just wanted to let you know. cheers, belinda



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