13 January, 2010

House Snoop... Bury St Edmund's 'Little Park'

One of my bigger fans of 'Palatial Living', my sister - Felic, who lives in London & travels to Bury St. Edmund's from time-to-time with her fiance, Alex, to visit his family [who live there]...Felic loves my regular 'House Snoops' spot that are of homes around Sydney, and parts of Australia and across the Tasman - usually up for sale or auction, or sometimes my own nosiness! So she kindly sent me some of her 'House Snoops' from her walks around this very pretty & Palatial part of the world. For me these images are such a nice 'visual cooler' to look at, as for the past several days in Sydney we have been sweltering with 38 degree (98-102F) plus days, and not much different in the evening! I love the freshness & crispness, and I can almost hear the quietness of the snow... a nod to all my friends in the Northern Hemisphere- stay warm! Hope you Enjoy! x

Images from Felic

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