19 January, 2010

The Works of Saul Bass...

A collage of Saul Bass' graphic film titles - his signature graphic style was hard not to miss.
Bass' movie poster design for Alfred Hitchcock's classic 'Vertigo' and one of my favourite films, with Jimmy Stewart & Kim Novak.
A more contemporary film but none the less in the familiar signature graphic style that is Bass' - 'Burn After Reading' a black comedy movie by the Coehn brothers - Joel & Ethan, starring [amongst others] George Clooney & Frances McDermott, I really enjoyed this movie - hire/ download it if you can.
Movie poster -
'Anatomy of a Murder'...

Movie poster - 'The Man with the Golden Arm'.

Last week I posted fabulous & favourite quote from Saul Bass - 'Design is Thinking Made Visual'. I love this quote so much that I also wanted to share more of Saul Bass' work in particular some of his film title designs [movie posters]. I have always loved poster art from [gallery] exhibition posters, to vintage advertising posters and film title design posters - such as these [images above]. Saul Bass would have to be undoubtedly the master of film title design in the 20th Century - his graphic style became signature through the 1950's through to the 70', and graphic corporate logos and are easily recognisable...

SAUL BASS (1920-1996) was not only one of the great graphic designers of the mid-20th century but the undisputed master of film title design thanks to his collaborations with Alfred Hitchcock, Otto Preminger and Martin Scorsese.
When the reels of film for Otto Preminger’s controversial new drugs movie, The Man with the Golden Arm, arrived at US movie theatres in 1955, a note was stuck on the cans - "Projectionists – pull curtain before titles".
Until then, the lists of cast and crew members which passed for movie titles were so dull that projectionists only pulled back the curtains to reveal the screen once they’d finished. But Preminger wanted his audience to see The Man with the Golden Arm’s titles as an integral part of the film.
For more on Saul Bass - please visit Design Museum
Images from All Posters

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