22 January, 2010

Friday Flowers... With Thanks!

Happy Friday! Thank you to all of you who have been checking in, following, and sending me lovely emails & comments at Palatial Living.... My image today is courtesy of my fabulous sister, who sent me a link for this lovely Garden & Interiors store 'Dee Puddy - Garden & Interiors' based in the UK. I love these hand made porcelain gift tags... there are also similar ones I found on Esty as well - make sure you take a look!
This weekend I have made into a looong weekend - with our national holiday on Tuesday 26th Jan aptly called 'Australia Day' , I am taking the Monday off too! So after a quite a busy week with 'Verandah' and helping a couple of my lovely clients, this weekend I am looking forward to relaxing, swimming at the beach & catching up with family & friends, and maybe popping down to Canberra for the National Gallery's exhibit 'Masterpieces of Paris' from the Musee' d'Orsay - this exhibition was travelling to Australia when I was in Paris - so I missed it there!

So if you're in Australia or your an Aussie abroad, away from home, I hope you have a wonderful 'Australia Day' inspired weekend...otherwise I know you will have a lovely weekend anyway! Take Care & Enjoy! S x

Image from Dee Puddy

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