18 January, 2010

Fab Find... A Stylish Way to Show Your Family Tree

'Birds of a Feather'
' Slice fo Life'

' Ripples in the Pond'

' Proud as Peacock Tree'

' Minimalist Octopus'

Since we have been on the hunt for nursery related items lately I have subscribed to many fabulous 'baby' orientated forums, website newsletters and blogs... And without turning Palatial Living into a 'baby forum' there are some items I have come across recently that would transcend the baby/ child arena that lend themselves more to stylish offerings for individuals who seek an alternative to the mainstream for their families or themselves, and so I thought I would post things along the way that I know stir my senses as they may yours too... with or without baby!
I have always been interested in my family history, genealogy - the 'ole family tree', and more so when I got married looking towards my husband's family, and now more recently starting our very own immediate family tree... Here I have found a great modern, fun & stylish way to present your family tree - through [Babyolgy e-newsletter] the U.S company 'Me & My Tree'! And the best thing for us in Australia - yep they ship here too - yay! They come flat packed/ unframed so you can choose how to mount & frame your family tree art! What a great way to show your family history. I just love the graphic style, and am torn between the 'proud as peacock', the ' minimalist octopus', and maybe 'birds of a feather' or 'slice of life'..!!
What do you think? Which one would you choose?

From the Babyology E-Newsletter
The family tree never looked so good.
Turn your family tree into a piece of modern art with a superb customised chart from
My Tree and Me. Describing their business as ‘modern genealogy’, My Tree and Me has created a number of non-traditional family trees to illustrate family connections.
The bold
‘Slice of Life’ chart shows seven generations in a way that truly is modern art. On a smaller scale, but equally eye-catching is the ‘Ripples in a Pond’ chart. Both are available in bright or neutral tones. The ‘Minimalist Octopus’ and ‘Proud as a Peacock’ charts are visually more intricate but nonetheless striking.
The My Tree and Me website also lists some helpful links for researching your
family history. I think a family tree presented in this way would make a fantastic gift for grandparents.
Prices range from US$55-95 for customised charts and between US$48-70 for DIY charts. My Tree and Me ships to Australia.

Images / Text from Me & My Tree, and Babyology.

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