06 January, 2010

Fast Fashion Home Wares...

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Having worked in the fashion industry for over 11 years, there has always been the concept of 'fast fashion' - hot, stylish items made at low cost and sold at a low price, with not always the 'best' of quality - make or fabrics. But serves the trend purpose for a short time - hence disposable fashion. Well lately, over the past several years, fashion for the home [home wares] are now no exception to the aforementioned...
With the likes of big Fashion power houses - Zara and H&M reeling in the consumer need for inexpensive trendy home wares that match their customer's taste for the on-trend too-hot have-to-have-it-now looks that fly off the catwalks into their stores within a 4-6 week production to store floor turnaround. I am no exception - I love that consumers have a buyer's choice with home wares. I have coveted pieces in Zara Home - when traipsing Sloane Square [London] but I suppose I am also in some ways a purist as I still regard bespoke pieces & craftsmanship the epitome of what furniture & home wares should really be, blame this on being a Design /Applied Arts CoFA (College of Fine Arts) graduate.

This is not to say that I don't think there's a place for fast fashionable home wares - there is... Ikea has successfully shown this through savvy design in low cost materials, and smart packing for shipping & customer assembly. Be it my own opinion - and I may stand alone - sometimes the best use of inexpensive homewares - just like when shopping for fashion or putting a look together - is often smartly mixing the bespoke with cheap & cheerful. I often choose my accessories to provide this exact purpose.

Here's an article [and images] I have just received from the Trend Hunter newsletter...
The concept of “fast fashion” has gone from the clothing racks of stores like H&M to home furnishings and interior designs by the same brands.
H&M and Zara are now offering home collections for those who want trendy homes on a budget, giving them the ability to change their interior decor with the seasons, just like they do with their always-in-style wardrobes. They’re sewing together everything from pillows to duvets and even setting up small furniture, like lamps, next to their jeans and stilettos.
Other fashion designers catering to the growing interior decor obsession include Esprit, Diesel, Joop!, Versace, Etro and Armani.
Images & Article from Trend Hunter; Other Links Ikea, Zara Home, and H&M

For Beautiful bespoke & hand crafted items be sure to visit Etsy.com, Hard to Find, Inside Out magazine's review on Canberra's [A.C.T Australia] Hand Made Markets

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