12 January, 2010

Final Installment: Part III - Trends in Decor/ Design & Furniture for 2010

The final installment for the Update... Trends in Decor/ Design & Furniture for 2010, here is Part III - 5.Turquoise Tones. As announced last week, from the global colour headquarters - Pantone, here we see a mixture of how the hue - Turquoise [15-5519] - will be used through areas such as tableware - crockery, fabric, & furniture. Keep your eye out for more of this hue to ripple through these, and many other areas in design & decor.
Trend: Turquoise Tones
[Above Image 1] Pantone, the global color authority, just released its color for 2010: 15-5519 Turquoise, which conjures up images of tropical waters in shades of bluish-green. This hue has been popping up at all the trade shows and will continue to shine in 2010.

Trend: Turquoise Tones

[Above Image 3] At the New York Tabletop market, Vera Wang introduced a cheery, modern line of casual bone china. Ikat was the standout pattern, with its asymmetrical dabs of green, blue and lilac on a classic white body. Wedgwood.com.

Trend: Turquoise Tones
[Above Image 3] Larry Laslo’s newest collection of fabrics for Robert Allen includes this fun and funky pattern in goldenrod and teal—thus combining 2009’s strongest color and 2010’s most promising hue.

Trend: Turquoise Tones
[Above Image 4] Paola Navone designed this cozy seat with removable upholstery fabric that covers its body of polyurethane foam and padding. The showcase color just happened to be the color of the year.
Images & Text / Article from Elle Decor [U.S magazine] January 2010 issue

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