08 January, 2010

Fresh Friday Flowers...

Yay it's Frrrriiiiday, so so so happy for the end of the [working] week drawing to a close ... at the moment I feel like a real kicking machine with Baby Verity, at nearly 6 months pregnant!
This weekend looks like it will be a creative one - I am revisiting my lovely client [from last year] tomorrow morning, to discuss her lounge room styling & some ideas for her little girls bed & room. And also hitting the baby stores [with darling husband] to narrow down some furniture pieces, plus work out what we need for all the paraphernalia that goes with setting up a nursery... Fortunately, I have been hard at work [loving it] creating both a girl's & boy's mood board - since we decided on a 'surprise' when 'baby' is born, I have had to consider both genders & 2 looks - all based on a neutral canvas! Although there are about 6 paint swatches on the walls that I had to narrow down from seeing the Morning- Afternoon- Night light!! I will post some images of the boards for you when I have finalised them, I think you will like them..
So whatever you might be up to this weekend - I hope it's a lovely relaxing one...
Thank You for visiting me at Palatial Living this week. See you Monday! S xxx

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