25 January, 2010

Wall Coverings...For the Boys!

Catherine Martin's 'Circus' and 'Stripe' in Cherry Red/ White for Porter's Paints.

Catherine Martin's 'Circus' and 'Stripe' in Navy / White for Porter's Paints.

Catherine Martin's 'Alphabet' and 'Stripe' in Celery Green/ White for Porter's Paints.

If you're like me and prefer to primary & secondary colours like Navy Blue, Cherry Red, Celery Green with White for little boys nurseries & bedrooms, then you'll love the range of wallpaper and floor rugs from Renaissance lady - film set, production & costume designer Catherine Martin, of 'Moulin Rouge', & 'Australia' fame. Both Porters Paints & Designer Rugs have carried these lines for about 2 years now - so although they're not 'new' on the market they are stayers & therefore becoming 'popular' classics through children's' rooms here in Australia and abroad. Research suggests children respond better to vivid hues, Catherine’s range of wallpapers are the perfect thing to team with simple furniture for a truly beautiful effect. And the fantastic thing about the wallpaper is that you won’t need very much in the way of decoration either – the prints on the wall/s [and floor] are all the decor you need once teamed with simple furniture pieces and a few favuourtie books & toys! I have always loved them especially the 'Circus' them - even my fear of monkey's doesn't put me off!
And more recently, since being pregnant & due with 'baby' in early May, I have been on the look out for stylish nursery decor that I can A) add to later - since we don't know what we're having, and B) can carry through some distinct decor ages from baby to toddler and little [school] boy... Here, I think Martin's range does just that. I am leaning towards the 'Circus' Navy / White with accents of red through prints, bunting & toys, this - should we have a little man grace our home! What do you think???
Also check out Viv's post on her Little Boy's Nursery on Ish & Chi here she used Catherine Martin's Circus wall paper in Red/ White as a fabulous feature wall, and accented with Red & white pieces. She also has a fabulous Etsy store too, and was featured in Real Living mag Nov 09 issue! Now to explore some options for little girls....
Images from Porter's Paints & Designer Rugs

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