20 March, 2009

It's Friday & A Weekend Away!

Well Friday is upon us again, and I hope you have a had a wonderful week - absorbing shades of green through your daily life... and so I thought that in finishing the 'Colour Week' of Green for March I found this great image of a vintage American pick up truck - complete with mattress, and a couple of cosy quilted throws [one avocado green - of course], and even better driving off into the sunset as this is what I am doing this weekend - going away!
On a spur decision my husband booked a weekend away on Thursday evening! Where you may ask are heading? We're off to Canberra [Australia's national capital] to visit the National Gallery [N.G.A] and to catch the 'Degas - Master of French Art' exhibit, as well as visiting local markets and enjoying some delicious food & wine...
Wherever you are this weekend I hope you have a great one! Enjoy x

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