02 March, 2009

Eastern Influence...Wallpaper

Today I love... the eastern influence and wallpaper used in these rooms, that belong to a professional couple from Atlanta Georgia U.S. who updated their townhouse with a fluidity of style & colour throughout. Here, they have used a distinctive wallpaper that also acts as a wall scape - bringing the outside in with the beautiful, delicate branches of a Japanese plum or cherry tree, with linked accent colours of plum red and starfruit yellow blossoms dotted through the tree branches. Small wren-like birds are curiously perched on less obvious branches - to appear like they are catching a little glimpse into the room. The blossom accent colours are harmonious tied back to the soft furnishings - such as in the cushions on the day bed, a nomadic style rug, an upholstered French ticking style stripe on a trophy chair, and through ceramic lamp bases & floral arrangements. The wallpaper ground colour - a warm based clay / chalk is a perfect base for these warmer higher value accents - bringing a cosy, contemporary elegance to a light filled space.

Images from Southern Accent

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