11 March, 2009

Need a quiet corner...

I love this inside-outside space - a beautiful verandah space to spend some quiet time, where you can hear the leaves of the trees rustle and wind swims through the branches, and the dappled light makes for warm spots on a soft cushion.... this look is relatively easy [and inexpensive] to achieve, especially if you already have old cane or wicker furniture [even if you don't have the furniture these items can be picked up at a opportunity store for a few dollars or may be on a roadside near you when your local council clean up is on] all you have to do is clean them back, a light sand and paint white, if needed make new covers for base cushions [or cheat and cover with fabric tucked into the sides], add a few scatter cushions, a natural floor rug like the one shown in a coir or sisal; and a vase of flowers or foliage from your garden - and WOW you've got the look!
It's funny when I'm not feeling so crash-hot I always want to nestle into a fresh, cosy corner where I can pretend to read, have a cup tea resting in good spot and the possibility of nodding off is very high! This is my corner today - I think I've been caught off guard with an annoying bug so here's to finding my cosy corner this evening when I get home to get some much needed rest and kick this ill feeling! Hope you have found your quiet corner today too...

Image from Southern Living

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