13 March, 2009

Hello Friday... Welcome Weekend!

What a disjointed week it seems to have been... I am always glad to greet Friday, this week more so!! My home is getting some more attention this weekend, although we live in a reasonably new home [we bought off the plan about 4 years ago and moved in just on 3 years ago] we have just finished building a lovely pergola & putting the roof on last week & with that I have some touch up painting to do on the white timber structure. It's so wonderful to have an outside area protected from the elements but still with the ability to enjoy the garden surrounds. Our pergola was based on a previous one that we had when we lived at Breakfast Point [a gorgeous residential development located in the Inner West, Sydney - with style & influence from Cape Cod Maine / Hamptons coastline].
With that I also have some Autumn gardening - light pruning, spraying for pests with Eco-oil and giving the lawn some attention to eliminate those pesky curl-grubs! Over the past several months in Sydney - we have had a slight 'plague' of white moth [which then lays eggs in the soil - and curl grubs hatch from these eggs]. Curl grubs are the number one killer of beautiful lawn & garden plant root systems.... so if you haven't sprayed with your Eco-oil/ pest oil or Mrs Mac's [for the lawn] best to get to it before the much cooler months are upon us and save your root systems... For some great gardening advice, Saturday mornings from 6am to 9am, I always try to tune into a Sydney radio show 'The Garden Clinc' with Graham, Sandra & Linda Ross and Luke on 2GB, on 873 AM , for interstate and O.S guests - you can stream this program from the net so to listen in- if you cannot get this frequency locally...
Whatever you're up to this weekend - I wish you a wonderful one! Enjoy x
Image from Southern Accents - links & info 'The Garden Clinic'

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