20 March, 2009

Painted Furniture & Green Pears

I have always had a fascination with pears, especially green ones... several pears placed in a ceramic bowl or a wicker basket can be a great edible accessory both in a traditional country context as well as a contemporary one - where placement and containment [type of] is key. I love this painting by Rosemary Ladd of these delicious green pairs - 5 pears as placement, using 'odd' numbers of items is crucial in ensuring a natural balance. 'Odd' numbers are considered organic numbers.
This pale green paitined lingerie chect of drawers almost belongs in the 'looking glass' with Alice - I love the quote stylishly painted onto the front of the drawers.
I love this pair of painted chairs in lime green with their pressed metal inlay on their back, they almost look like a long waiting suited couple [a grandmother & grandfather chair] just waiting for someone to drop by and say hello....

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