03 March, 2009

Cool Carnations...

Wow - I love this vignette of blooms & willow-esque crockery! How great to these carnations look en-mass in various shades of purple [and set off by the gorgeous Willow pattern plates - that I adore] ! Who would have thought the humble and sometimes labelled 'daggy' carnation could make a retro revival for modern romantic glamour. I just love the bamboo reed covers [that wrap around the vase or foam cube] as a contemporary but also structured & rigid contrast to the fullness, softness 'pom pom-like' look of the carnation blooms. Carnations are often a longer lasting bloom, and one of the most inexpensive blooms so they will work wonders when you need to create several floral arrangements for your table settings and room en-mass. Using this idea of tonal mass - they'd look great in shades or all yellows & oranges, or all reds & pinks. Try it out - Enjoy!

Image from Southern Accents

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