16 March, 2009

A Green Kind of Week... Colour Week

Muted Blue Grey Greens play an important role in this living room's colour palette through the mural wall scape - creating a soft dreamlike, serene elegance...
Using a photo of an object or a landscape can be a fabulous way to extract a colour scheme or palette - here a vintage art deco cover book is used with these grey blue greens as a muted palette. This palette can also be seen replicated in an interior space with the muted blue grey greens in the the mural style wall scape in the living room above.
After being inspired by colour on the weekend - I was putting together some palettes for some living rooms - I thought I would colour block a week in a month to beautifully styled rooms & spaces, designs and accessories...
This week for the month of March I am focusing on 'Green - and all its forms' - be it a Forest, Lime, Bottle, Sage, Clover, Pistachio, Avocado, Emerald, Chartreuse or Grass Green.... I think there's a green hue for everyone in the spectrum, don't you?

Images from Elle Decor & WGSN

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