08 March, 2009

Best Palatial Homes.... A Real Estate Nosey.

At heart I am a big nosey - a bonafide snoop - I am the one who gets into trouble for looking for the presents around birthday & Christmas, but with that also comes a healthy curiosity and a need to find & search out for anything that sparks my interest... as it often does with design, colour, product, retail and anything else between. So I often look on real estate websites [trying not to cheat on my own home] for new ideas,developments, homes, and gardens. Here I am in love with this particular home nestled into the bushland edge of Avalon in Sydney's Northern Beaches - with its inside out approach - velvet green lawn, sparkling cool pool, fresh sophisticated whilst still contemporary and friendly interiors, and not to mention my penchant for puppy dogs - a little black one right in the middle of the back lawn!
Images from Domain.com.au

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