03 June, 2011

Happy Weekend! x

Happy Weekend!
Thank you so very much for bearing with me over the past few weeks!
It's been a little bit of a 'flood' of events over the past week or so hence not being able to get onto my love, Palatial Living, so to share all the inspires me - and a few great projects along the way!
A lot has been happening in both work and family life... I am preparing to head off to China week after next for nearly 2 weeks on a sourcing & development trip - which is very exciting but will be a lot of hard work - meeting suppliers and visiting their showrooms, with at least 4 internal flights and an express train trip to boot! All in the name of style & product!
My super - wonderful -lovely students for my Cert IV Design Monday night class at ISCD will have to do without me for 1 week -  I will miss them... I love teaching at ISCD, if you're thinking about learning more about colour & design be sure to check out ISCD's website for on campus & distance learning through their iDE [international distance education] program. Which leads me to my fabulous & very resourceful iDE Cert IV Design students - who continue to blow me away over the month of may I had over 8 students submit their work - and you cannot believe the creative pieces they turn out! Am simply continually amazed!

On the home front - we've been cleaning out, throwing out and working out the 'what to do next' phase! Recently our new bed & side tables arrived [thank goodness - the bed was dying!}and our existing tall boy and blanket box no longer matched  in colouration to the new pieces... I love the 'old' pieces so was thinking of way to keep them and to not spend more money, & of how I could best re-purpose them...
Solution - I sanded and repainted them - Voila! The last coat of paint on the drawers is drying as we speak! So I plan to post pics of the before and after paint project for you - I am so pleased with the outcome and can't wait to add the crystal drawer knobs, I purchased in my fave home wares store Port Douglas last March whilst on our baby moon, onto the drawers! Stay tuned...
So a little more garage cleaning tomorrow and a trip to the local tip... and definitely a glass of wine!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend & a very Palatial time doing it!
See you soon...

images via patterson maker, matchbook mag, pretty stuff, crush cul desac

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