11 August, 2009

[New] Book - Handmade Home... Soule Mama

I have just received an email from my Amazon wish list recommendations and this wonderful book - Handmade Home by Amanda Blake Soule -was part of the list! What a lovely surprise to find a book that stylishly shows you how you can re-purpose - recycle - reuse items within your home into other functional aesthetically pleasing items that are fabulous for adults and safe for children... after finding this book and looking a little more into it I further delved and 'googled' about the author - Amanda Blake Soule and found that she has an amazing blog Soule Mama that inspires a following [of course] of creatives of a green influence, a mother influence and a design influence - and some fall into all 3 groups!
I found a wonderfully concise blurb about Amanda & her published jewels, written up on the gorgeous blog Inspiring Mama - by Ericka Taylor (check her out also on JuBella.com - beautiful work) -
Amanda lives in Portland, Maine with her husband Steve and their four children. At her exceedingly popular blog, soulemama.com, Amanda shares details of her daily life as a homeschooling mama intermixed with a range of creative projects that include knitting, sewing, cooking, re purposing fabrics, and much more. Of course, add in her stunning photography and engaging writing style and you'll know why her site has such a devoted and admiring fan base. And that's not all . . . Amidst all of that productive activity, Amanda also managed to write not one, but two fabulous books: The Creative Family: How to Encourage Imagination and Nurture Family Connections (Trumpeter Books/Shambhala Publications, April 2008) and Handmade Home: Simple Ways to Re purpose Old Materials into New Family Treasures - which is release now August 2009.

I feel compelled to thank Amanda, for her beautiful book Handmade Home [& Erika for her book review] for which I have now pre-ordered on Amazon [it is due out August 09 - maybe towards the end of August] and further inspiring me to look around my home - in my wardrobe and sewing cabinet to make stylish beautiful things for living and the little ones [esp. my god daughter's Ella & Charlotte] in my life. Thank you so much Soule Mama [aka Amanda] !

Images from Amazon.com

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