17 August, 2009

Just Keeps Getting Better... Anna, Wow!

Wow... now two Mondays in a row and I have been treated to not only getting my interior magazines in the post but also another 'absolutely' favourite stylist & designer - Anna Spiro - in a rather fabulous editorial spread with none other than the style bible 'Australian Vogue Living'!! I was so surprised when I tore open the plastic sachet and the pages opened to a room with a black & white striped awning with a lolly pink cane lounge coupled with the eclectic patterned cushions... my first thought was - gosh I know that awning it's so familiar! And yes it was familiar - because it belongs to the house I seem to know so well by following all the blog posts by Anna Spiro on her blog 'absolutely beautiful things', both of whom are very close to my inspirational heart...
Some of you may not know this but after reading a brief write up in Real Living magazine some 2 years ago about Anna and her blog - she inspired me to find out more about blogging, how to get into it and naturally was hooked on her blog and her daily work as an interior designer & her chronicled inspirations in her world, in Brisbane. From this - like so many - I have continued to check in to Anna's blog to see what's new in her store or home, or family and am always inspired or more learned for it.
I adore Anna's sense of colour & style and most of all her appreciation of art, and for the pieces from a past era that can so readily be adopted into modern life with a deft stylish hand! So from me [and I'm sure everyone who's a fan] it's a HUGE congratulations to Anna {her family & team} for how wonderful her beautifully renovated home looks in the shiny new pages of this months Vogue Living issue September / October 2009.

"Having grown up with mass-produced decor like everyone else my age," she says, "I am pushing for people to challenge themselves and embrace something bold". Here, Here - well spoken Anna there would be so many who would second you on that, I move the motion....

Hope you enjoy these images from Vogue Living, many will recognise Anna's study with it's pink & white Kelly Wearstler wallpaper from Anna's profile pic, tres belle....

Images from Australian - Vogue Living issue September / October 2009.

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  1. Dear Sarah,

    Thank you so much for this extremely kind post! I am so thrilled you enjoyed seeing the article. It's all so very exciting and I am just so thrilled to be featured this month in my all-time favourite magazine...it certainly is a dream come true!

    Thanks again for your much appreciated support and blog post today.

    Kind regards,

    Anna Spiro



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