18 August, 2009

Editorial-a-rama... H&G Advice with Cherie Karlsson

I can't tell you how bowled over I am this month with all my favourite interior mags and their dedicated editorial pieces to interior designers, stylist & colour professionals of whom I watch very closely and adore... and this is no exception! In this month's [September 09] issue of Australian House & Garden magazine my colour & design educator, twice over, from ISCD and not to mention mentor and inspiration for professional work life balance - Cherie Karlsson - is a contributor in the H&G Advice section, page 232, offering assistance on '3 Ways To - Paint it White'.... and for someone that knows her grey scale and how to teach it like each line on the back of her hand, then ways to paint White could not have been a better area for Cherie to comment upon. Understanding White and all it's shades & properties would have to be one of the most fundamental underpinnings of understanding colour & light.
You might be able to tell that I regard Cherie in very high esteem - she is incredibly accomplished in both professional [a business women, contributor and an
ISCD educator] and family life [with husband & four children - still all at school], but most of all - it is with her wisdom that she imparts her life & work experience with a serene, humble & confident approach - with such generous vigor, who is ever so patient & an amazing communicator to all levels of understanding, and someone that will always have a profound effect on my [colour design] life...
So here's to seeing more of Cherie's contributions to H&G in the future! Happy Painting...

For more information on courses at ISCD please visit their web site, or get in touch with news at the school & in the colour design community with their blog.Images & artcle from Australian House & Garden Issue September 2009.

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