02 January, 2008

Tablescapes - Chinoiserie

Chinoiserie - originating late 19th century Pan-Asia style
Chinoiserie - 1.a style of ornamentation current chiefly in the 18th century in Europe, characterized by intricate patterns and an extensive use of motifs identified as Chinese. 2.an object decorated in this style or an example of this style: The clock was an interesting chinoiserie. [Origin: 1880–85; <>Chinese + -erie -ery]

de Gournay's - Chinoiserie Chelsea on custom yellow background wallpaper;

email at info@degournay.com

de Gournay's - Chinoiserie wall covering & tablescape

Verandah Home & Garden Living Solutions - Tablescape; Wall painted in Jervis Bay Blue, British Paints; Tall conical blue & white vase from Shanghai; Blue & white bowl with lid from Kelantung Malaysia; Bohemia Crystal Rib Vase with Cymbidium orchid; Oblong Frosted Lamp, Ikea.


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