10 June, 2009

A Long Weekend & Bagnalls Beach...

We have just been away for a few [extra] wonderful days over the June long weekend [Queen's Birthday] we took off from Sydney earlier on Friday morning - to a wonderful beach side area, Port Stephens in New South Wales.
We love coming here both in summer & winter - either way there's something great to do & superb weather & particularly love to head off to Bagnall's Beach - where we stay near by - this beach is the puppy beach! [Friendly] dogs of all kinds can canter, run, roll & play on the sand and swim through the shallows - all leash free! For a 'mother' of two - a 3 1/2 year old Cavalier King Charles - Lucy, who treats this as her almost quarterly exfoliation - rolling through everything sandy then having some 'hydrotherapy' in the shallows this is perfect - as it is also for our nearly 3 years Cavoodle (Cavalier x Toy Poodle) - Zach, who's role in life, whilst we are away, is to be the welcoming committee to Bagnall's Beach - and greet all that pass his way with a quick wag of his tail, and a happy but wet lick of your leg!
So with that thought I would share a few photos from our extended weekend away....

Above - the view to Soldiers Point

Above - view from the beach home
Above - A little original late 60's/ Early 70's beach front home I fell in love with a while ago...

Above - the time of their lives... Lucy & Zach on Bagnall's Beach.

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