11 June, 2009

[Home] Office Organisation...

I have been rearranging some rooms in my home around an office space and stumbled across these great images that inspired me and may help you get your home office space just right!
Here [above] a linen press cupboard was transformed into a hideaway media office space. The main shelves were taken out of the cupboard leaving 2 only and a desk platform added with a keyboard return that slide back into the desk... clever! The bamboo style chair painted white is used as the desk chair and when not in use can be used as extra seating or an occasional chair in the lounge room. When you've finished working just close the doors - no need to hurriedly tidy up your ongoing work space! Ta daaa!

One of the best ways to create a cohesive and uncluttered look in a book shelf for your lounge room or home office is to arrange the book spines by colour. By doing this you create colour blocks which the eye prefers & allows you to visually gently move fluidly through the shades creating a harmonious look instead of haphazard colour dotting here there and everywhere. Another trick is to also allow for 'white space' this means space in a book shelf not used with books but an object such as a vase, or a box, or a statue - something of personal interest or memory. By creating the white space you also create an area of visual relief. See what you can do with your book shelf.... Have fun!

Images from PointClick

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