03 June, 2009

I Love Lamp!

I love lamps, in fact all the rooms in my home have at least 2 - 4 lamps in them!! Lamps can provide both functional and ambient lighting - so much more than just an over head light. Like a hanging Pendant light, a lamp can have so much of it's own unique character from its base to its shade...

So I am on the hunt for some lamps maybe 1 or 2 for my living / dining room and 2 for my bedroom - with the new bed I am trying to find or might end up having made... I particularly love 2 lamps from of my favourite stores - Architectural Decor & Elements and these lamps [above] by Barbara Cosgrove of whom I found out about from Anne E. Collins the Executive Editor, Point Click Home on her blog on lighting.

Images from Elle Decor & Barbara Cosgrove Lamps

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