14 June, 2012

Good Odds...

 Technically I don't believe in 'luck' as a reasonably spiritual person driven by faith it somehow conflicts with the 'bigger plan' I think someone has for me... having said that though many statisticians would then present a very good case of 'the odds'. So with that, I have a few 'things in the ether' as I like to put it and would love that the 'odd' could be in my favour through the next day or so, and if it's not too much to ask maybe next week too!
Hence why I love these images I have found... namely the quote, then these stunning Louboutin Ruby glitter pumps - a modern day 'Dorothy' slipper, and a few little sweet treats that I would prefer to find on a card table any old day!
Hope something has gone your way today or this week! Otherwise I might night those Ruby pumps to click my way home - super fast!

images via boyengirl, pintrest, tumblr, gastrogirl, addaspoonfullofsugar, thefoodmood, theywillnevercatchus, via buttering-my-toast, ys voice.

1 comment:

  1. Just want to eat that queen of hearts :(
    oh shoes look great too :)



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