13 December, 2011

12 Sleeps 'til Christmas...

Hello There! It's been a while between posts... my work life - a trip to Hong Kong & mainland China took over end October / Early November. Whilst away it was my birthday spent with a new colleague but very different being away from home - husband Matthew and little girl Isabelle. Then came more projects - mostly more painting at our 'new' old home and a spot gardening... and to end the whole box n' dice - my husband was very sick leaving us with a good visit to emergency and a stay in hospital!

So here I am, and I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to Christmas especially now that our little girl Isabelle is nearly 20months old and goes to smell our 'real' Christmas tree each morning - motioning 'twinkle twinkle little star' every time she sees the fairy lights and the star topper!
So here's the mark of the 12 Days of Christmas with only 12 Sleeps to go! Have you got your home decorated? Your tree up and presents nestled beneath? Or your front garden twinkling lights through the evening yet? 

If you have send me you pics to sarah@verandahhomeliving.biz I'd love to share them with all our lovely Palatial readers! And if not - then - Chop Chop - not long yet!

image via Habitually Chic via Pretty Stuff tumblr

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