31 December, 2011

Sunset Hues... for end 2011

 As the sun sets on the last day of 2011 - I wanted to include some of my recent fave images that encompass a little of this tan, tangerine, coral, vermilion, and burnt hue that may have the sun setting on your horizon today... as the last dusk of 2011 draws nigh.
Shamelessly I have included a few of my fave accessories in shoes [tory burch flats] and leather shopper totes.... a little silver shine too.
A paw paw orange is an accent hue that I often find myself drawn to you and use in my interior projects including my own home. It's a hue [colour] that when used correctly can make for a fabulous 'joining colour' and allows either summer or winter - depending on the tint or shade of the 'orange' to season-ise your space. It's a great alternative to Reds, Pinks and Greens....
Why not think about injecting a little into your accessories - wardrobe or home interiors!
Sarah x 

images via diet coke and smoke, crush cul de sac, patterson maker, ekeblog, tory burch

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