31 December, 2011

Happy Palatial New Year...farewell 2011 | welcome 2012 x

Thank YOU for joining me at Palatial Living for a wonderful year during 2011...
This year [like you I am sure also] has seen some major changes in my world - swinging from one extreme to the other - some fearful, some great, some incredibly achingly painful - some stupendous I am still in disbelief.... from returning to work from a stint of maternity leave from having our little Isabelle, finding our beloved 'new' old home on the north shore from the original owners, whilst simultaneously learning to separate emotion from our [then] existing home - whilst packing house to move - and 1 week shy of a 2 week work trip to China - then loving & parting with my much adored Grandfather 'Pa' who passed away in June of this year... then in October my husband become incredibly ill after a trip overseas and spent the best part of a week in hospital, and is thankfully, still, on the recovery road.
I am very blessed and without a doubt so lucky to have good health, my daughter & husband, my great family & my dear friends in my life and without forgetting - YOU- and this wonderful avenue at Palatial Living to share my unadulterated inspirations, thoughts, and views on design, colour, living, fashion and maybe a little slice of what I consider 'Palatial Living'. The little things that are both grand & cosy - but always stylish - in and out!
All the best for a safe, fun, fabulous New Year, and for a splendidly Palatial 2012 ahead. I can't wait to share more of my loves with you!
Enjoy ,
Sarah x

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