10 January, 2012

New Year New Things...

What have you been thinking about for this New Year? Something to save for, to plan for, to decorate for, to exercise for, to quit for, to work for... what's on your list of New Year To-Do's? Seems that New Year we aim to set out to do so many things... why do you think that is? I know in my household it's the one time of the year that we definitely take a home a way from home holiday - where there's just where you stay, a good book, maybe a movie or two, often somewhere near the beach, swimming, alfresco easy meals with drinks in tow, and lots of relaxation and thinking time! And often thinking time leads to planning - well it  does in my case - much to my husband's cringe worthy sentiment! 

So this year what will I do... hmmmm, more quality time with Isabelle - but at work 5days +, more on our 'new-old' home, more on Palatial Living, more with Verandah [some how], more on my day time career, more courageous moves as opposed to reckless risk taking, more on travel, more more more... where is less - well less spending, less eating - the wrong things[!!], less procrastinating, less frustration, and less impatience. Hey it's a year long project - there's a bit here... 

Once we got home from our lovely holiday in our home-away from home Port Douglas... we got cracking on our front & back garden... and have started a terraced area that will be home to our chooks and a Guinea pig when we get them in February some time and Isabelle's slippery dip [aka slide] 
So this is MY YEAR- not much like any other year - but I am determined to make a few more things happen and get a few more 'ducks in a row' so to speak! 
And next week I am off to India for a week - Yay! On a work trip - for a sponsorship award that I submitted a proposal for & won - selected for might be a better turn of phrase! To an international trade fair headed up by the lovely people at AEPC the Ministry of Textiles India in conjunction with TCF Australia.... 
So what are you going to make happen this year... 
love to hear from you x

images via tumblr, miss wallflower, glamourai

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