20 March, 2013

Take Me There... Some favourite things x

Don't you just love these images? 
What story can you make from them? 
One of things I love most about sharing [home & lifestyle inspired] images on Palatial Living is that I can use them to help communicate a story, with your imagination added in for good measure!
Here I have found some of my more recent favourite images from my many image library sources of stunning images on an smaller individual level and combined an a larger story scale...

Here I can see myself taking a lovely drive away on a long weekend to my [dream] weekender in the hills, by the lakeside or near the water, arriving with a great spot to relax on the verandah hammock,  whilst my cosy yet fresh bedroom awaits my slumber - the house filled with freshly picked gardenias perfuming the rooms, and cup of tea or pending the time of the day a glass or two of Pimms on the lawn as we settle in for the afternoon - - to do it all over again for the rest of the weekend!

Not to mention each of these images had elements of all my favourite things - so it's easy for me to get caught up in 'Sarah fairy Palatial' land!
Not a bad place to retreat to now and then!

images via tumblr, pinterest. 

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