11 March, 2008

[Current] Favourite Books

With a fetish for not only shoes and accessories and almost anything that goes with the words 'interior', 'fabric', 'furniture' and the garden - it would be my affair with books! I often find myself purchasing books online frequently adding to my collection of art, interior, garden and reference books. So without adieu it is with much thanks to Anna, of Black + Spiro fame, and her truly lovely blog site, Absolutely Beautiful Things, (which further inspired me to create my blog - more on that later) for her recent blog on Charlotte Moss, and her new book A Flair for Living.
Thank you Anna for getting me onto this book - I have arranged to order it with my U.S friends, I just adore Charlotte's eclectic lux style, her dedication to her namesake brand, and her attention to detail is remarkable.

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