11 March, 2008

Children's ART - KinderGallery Pt. 2

Artist Spotlight >
Isabelle Norman
When Swedish graphic designer Isabelle Norman became a mother, she discovered how difficult it could be to find personal, fun decorative items for children. So she created and released a series of artworks.under the name 'Isa Form - A Little Me'. Characterised by a genuine flair for retro colour combinations, Isa's works beautifully combine nostalgic motifs with contemporary Scandinavian design elements.
The range has enjoyed great success in Sweden and Isa now spends most of her time sitting in her studio in Piteå is the cold north of Sweden drawing figures for mischievous little monsters. The fashionable design makes them a favourite of their parents' too.

ISAK (Sandra Isaksson)
Memories of beautiful, happy things are Sandra Isaksson's artistic motivation. Her range of works, created under the moniker ISAK, represent her desire to evoke a flavour of the past; to preserve and pass on the memories that inspire her. Sandra hopes that children everywhere will respond to her works with joy.
Sandra was born in Sweden, educated in Denmark, and now works as an illustrator and graphic artist in London. Her modern style, fresh colours, and innocent, fun subject matter make the room smile.

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